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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Umm no, the experts told us hundreds of thousands if not millions would die before it peaked this spring.
You can't just move the goal posts out to infinity and say that you are right like with global warming. You can't keep playing the same card.
*as of April 17,2020,154,200 dead worldwide.154-thousand 'died' by 'Spring'.
*2,200,000 sickened.Millions 'may' die.There's 7,700,000,000 people
*earliest news about the outbreak was December.
*the virus continues to spread
*no one is certain about immunity
*No one is certain that it won't come back
*it's an unknown quantity
*this is the 19th SARS corona virus
*they began from bats
*then passed from bats to pangolins
*Covid-19 is presently believed to be a trifecta virus,which jumped from bat-to pangolin,then to an as yet,unidentified,third species,each time achieving an easier attachment to human proteins,then uncontrolled reproduction.
*it's the virus that's moving the goal posts,not me.
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