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Please excuse me while I talk crazy

I am unsure what exactly my business is, but since I have an LLC, I qualified for a small business disaster loan. This is the first Corolla that drew my attention: 2009 Toyota corolla LX model for sale by original owner - $6250 (North Phoenix)Kelley is $6,446 in excellent condition for that mileage.

Oops, no, the front driver's bumper is scuffed.

$5,832 in very good condition.

The loan is at 3.75%. I believe the cool kids say that I cannot afford not to buy things that I do not need with it. Then I claim it as a tax deduction!

[and pretend it is now free even though it absolutely isn't]

The federal tax is 22% for me, so if I pay $5,800 it would really only cost me $4,524, which is practically free!

Yeah, I am totally going to do something else with that money.

I reached out to a bank or credit union to create an account that gets 4 or 4.09%, but you cannot apply on-line, you are supposed to have them call you.

Huh. I wonder if that was one of the calls that I missed. I should figure out who that was and follow up!
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