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Originally Posted by MHR1294 View Post
a-HA! There's a solution to the camera problem.

universal reversing camera kit, very small and come with 4 bright LED's, in full colour too! regular video output via RCA so you can even record it. The camera itself is about 25mm square so it's quite unobtrusive and it's got a relatively wide angle.

I got a pair for the equivalent of $100AU. 2 cameras, cables and 2 screens. I actually bought them for doing a wing mirror delete, but I'm going to use them for looking at the underside of my car when I get round to creating a good flat floor and diffuser.
Unless your car is high off the ground, I don't think it will work. I also tried an endoscope camera and had same issue - can't get the right angle to see more than the tufts right in front of the camera.

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