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Originally Posted by 4drviper View Post
So, from #1 I understand that VGs will "attract" the center of pressure toward their downstream area.

And from #2 I understand that what I was going to do could easily (when overdone) worsen the crosswind instability by keeping the center of pressure even more off.
No, I don't think so, but I've never really thought about it in those terms. VGs just energise the boundary layer and so potentially give better flow attachment where separation is occurring.

Originally Posted by 4drviper View Post
I was also considering directly placing them on the A-pillar which would also deal with the buffeting with open window at medium to high speeds. So I start at the bottom of A-pillar and where should I stop?
No idea. Testing is king.

Originally Posted by 4drviper View Post
For some reason I feel putting them on the roof between the top of B and C-pillars would be effective.
No I don't think so.

Originally Posted by 4drviper View Post
Speaking of 1G Insight, are you the person who wrote Autospeed blog? That's where I read about the idea to place airtabs under the car.
Yes I was employed as editor at AutoSpeed for a long time. The very brief mention I made there of putting AirTabs under the car was very anecdotal - and was stated as such. There's far more detail, testing and analysis of VGs in my book.
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