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Originally Posted by GregM View Post
Unfortunately, I have a smashed 1999 Civic HX for sale...

Insurance is wanting to give me $1150 for it, and I don't think I have the money to repair it (unfortunately).
Dude, they're low-balling you BIG TIME!

A few months ago, my '00 HX was rear-ended by a Chevy Tahoe doing an estimated 85 MPH - no attempt to slow down, no brakes, no nothing... $7800 in damage to my ride, e.g. 'totaled' - almost killed me!

I had almost 200k on the speedo (80% more than average according to industry figures). That adjusted the payout downwardly by $1500, but I still ended up getting a check for $5400, after some haggling. The original figure was $4000ish, but I told them to 'pound salt'.

The thing is - upon discovery - the insurance company didn't even know what a CiViC HX was! The adjuster had never seen one before and they didn't have ANY figures in their database for HXs - just CX, DX, EX, yada, yada, yada.

Sooo, they told me, if I could PROVE their figure was low, they would reconsider the settlement figure. They suggested I furnish them with some current HX prices, so I got online and did a search for '99-'00 CiViC HXs.


HXs are scarce as hen's teeth. I had to expand the search to 1000 miles - From Texas to Cali - to find 10 HXs, and they ranged from $7k-$10k. None of them had as many miles as mine (which cost me dearly, as stated above) but the insurer ended up adjusting the settlement upwardly by $1500 - which is MORE than the total amount they're offering you.

Bottom line: Assuming you don't have a $5000 deductible, or whatever, you're getting shafted!!!
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