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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post

Footnote: I was surprised at how low the measured pressure was at this location. It might be interesting to measure right down the side of the car, and see if the low pressure at this location is as a result of the A pillar. (Has anyone seen pressure measurements down the side of a car? I haven't.)
Pressures on side of Insight.
  • 80 km/h test speed
  • Two way average
  • AR1890 digital manometer, inches of water converted to Pascals
  • Pitot tube static pressure ref, 2.2 metre from ground
  • Custom measuring puck
  • Light winds, 14 degrees C
  • Front and rear undertrays, rear with diffuser. Edgarwit front air curtains.

Starting from front, the higher pressure recorded inside the Edgarwit means, I think, that the puck was disrupting flow (narrow gap here).

Generally -100 Pa down side of car at approx half-door height. Surprisingly good flow attachment after front wheel - no change in pressure here. (Would be interesting to test with and without Edgarwit.)

Pressure after edge of door - leakage through door seal? I would have thought I'd be able to hear this, so I don't know.

Upper side readings show really low pressure after A-pillar. I am guessing this is the base of a vortex - tufts here show some odd patterns (eg tufts on glass pointing upwards along pillar). Note that reading was on side glass, not on curve of pillar.
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