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thinking / political

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
This is critical thinking, in the sense of analysis of power and the implicit and connotative meanings of public rhetoric on engineering and its marketing. That by the way is what the point about "rich user experiences" would be pointing toward, if I understand correctly. We are routinely marketed new technologies with an emphasis on rhetoric thickly layered with connotations of freedom or convenience or labor saving. But the full meaning of new technologies, especially in the software department it seems to me, is often obscured. The ethical and power implications. How our place as individuals in society changes. The full range of such things is rarely if ever as fully disclosed or discussed.

I would rather we not bring political figures or parties into this. Critical thinking is not a party issue. And the "manifesto," such as it is, is not about such politics per se. It is about ethics and the analysis of power.
If we had critical thinking, it would cover everything they seem to be concerned with.
As to 'politics', I was just commenting on a historical fact, written about by critical thinkers like Carl Sagan and Michael Shermer, germane to the discussion.
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