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To account for Synergetics would be to recount the inspiring story of what one individual —'Guinea Pig B' he called himself— was able to do.
I happen to have been born at the special moment in history in which for the first time there exists enough experience-won and experiment verified information current in humanity's spontaneous conceptioning and reasoning for all humanity to carry on in a far more intelligent way than ever before.

I am not being messianically motivated in undertaking this experiment, nor do I think I am someone very special and different from other humans. The design of all humans, like all else in Universe, transcends human comprehension of "how come' their mysterious, a priori, complexedly designed existence.

He was a new England Transcendentalist like his aunt. He was considered the Ur-environmentalist. He wanted flying cars.

As for the politics — I didn't want to use the word left but I was lazy. I don't have words (*cough*Frankfurt School Marxist*cough*) to describe the systematic dismantling of the statues and institutions that have brought us to this point in history.

Washington freed his slaves (on his deathbed) and Jefferson created the Navy that stopped the Barbary pirates (the ISIS of their day). That all happened before the creation of political parties, and the somewhat illusory division they have engendered.

They aren't really that far apart but there is no middle ground. \_(ツ)_/

Shower thoughts: Honey is the tastiest of all the insect vomits we have tried so far.

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