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Originally Posted by tekcajwolley View Post
I admire your perseverance.
Curious about how your scangage calculates mpg and how that compares to the info available from the hondata app.
Best Iíve been able to do so far is 47 on a tank in the mountains of sw Colorado in winter.
Iím not wired for hypermiling but want reasonable mpg. I drive 65 on highways. For me driving 55 in a 65 creates just too much hate.
Iíd like to get 65 mpg at 65 mph. Beginning to think that may be a bit wishful thinking.

02 insight with k20a3 with accord 5sp with 3.4fd also using kpro to access fuel tables.
To my knowledge, the Hondata app calculates it based on MAP and RPM, and makes the assumption of stoichiometric AFR. Things like rich and lean areas of the fuel map, tip-in and (I think) declaration fuel cutoff simply are not part of the equation. So, you can think of it as an educated guess based on very few factors, none of which are the actual fuel used.

47 is pretty darn impressive for a K swap average tank. I think 65@65 may be out of reach for steady state driving - the stock engine is only 70-75mpg @ 65mph - but I may be wrong.

You might try oversizing your tires, LRR compounds, higher pressure, some aero mods. For the drivetrain, lean burn with modifications to the timing table could help. There's also the 2008+ Accord 5th gear, which is taller than the 03-07 5th.

Which K20A3 is it? Si or base RSX?
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