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Phase 5: Aerodynamics results: 1999 Acura EL and Civic EX sedan

Aerodynamics modification results

But for the first modification package (following) every mod is evaluated against the “throttle stop” results of the previous modification.

1. Under belly, upper grille block, 45 psi tires, side skirts, 4 wheels deflectors: throttle stop speed increase, 15,2 %, drop in Cd estimated 32,6 %

2. Folded external mirrors: throttle stop speed increase, 2,6 %, drop in Cd estimated 4 %

3. Tires overinflated from 32 PSI to 45 PSI: throttle stop speed increase, greater than 2 %, drop in Cd estimated 2,5%

4. Wheel covers: throttle stop speed increase, greater than 4 %, drop in Cd estimated 8,1 %

5. Vortex generators installed: throttle stop speed increase, 2 %, drop in Cd estimated 2,5%

6. Rear wheels “boat tails”: throttle stop speed increase, 1-2 %, drop in Cd estimated 2,5 %

If computing against the estimated Cd=0.34

Adding all the estimated reductions per modification comes to 52,2 %

May be or may be not a real total reduction, if “may be” then means a new Cd= 0.17

“Strange” result obtained with the first set of modifications (under belly and else), with filling the gas tank to the brim before and after the trip, with rear wind, the highway mileage computes to 2,15 L/100 Km (about 110 US mpg) OMG, Holy something! What went on this 234 km ride? Some of that fuel went to a 20 km country road at 70 km/h speed and I got stopped by a patrol car on the highway for part of the rear underbelly dropping to the pavement: stop on highway means I had to resort to heavy acceleration to merge in traffic and get to cruise speed of about 100 Kph.

The next best mileage result for a 231 Km ride is 4,0 L/100 km or 59 US mpg

On the mechanical front, 0w20 synthetic motor oil is in use for 2020. Tires to higher, narrower less dragging tires have not been replaced. Catalytic converter and muffler have not been replaced yet. Will wait till more discretionary money available or worn out parts. Sigh!

As soon as possible, modifications description will be presented with pictures and cost estimates.



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