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The Car Hacker's Handbook was interesting enough to distract me from the research & writing I get paid to do.

In their introduction they offer up their own "manifesto" (though they don't call it that). Here are the six points in what they call the reasons "Why Car Hacking Is Good for All of Us." Some of it is quite like the C.E. Manifesto in spirit, though its not the same, for sure.

1) Understanding How Your Vehicle Works
"You’ll be better able to diagnose and troubleshoot problems."

2) Working on Your Vehicle’s Electrical Systems
"Automotive electronics systems are typically closed off to all but the dealership mechanics... Learning how your vehicle’s electronics work can help you bypass this barrier."

3) Modifying Your Vehicle
"Understanding how vehicles communicate can lead to better modifications, like improved fuel consumption and use of third-party replacement parts."

4) Discovering Undocumented Features
"Discovering undocumented or disabled features and utilizing them lets you use your vehicle to its fullest potential." This will piss off the automakers because it is implicitly an assault on their profits. Those switch-on electronic features are probably often upgrades they want you to pay extra for. Must be wickedly profitable.

5) Validating the Security of Your Vehicle
They write in part that "if you learn how to hack your car, you’ll know where your vehicle is vulnerable so that you can take precautions and be a better advocate for higher safety standards."

6) Helping the Auto Industry
This one seems to have been written for the lawyers and the PR people of the world. Somebody tell Pollyanna to ring the dinner bell.

So much of the spirit of this list is in my mind similar to what one sees in the C.E. Manifesto and in some of what I am reading about Buckminster Fuller. They all place an emphasis on individual and common good (more like Fuller but also like the CE statement) and there is a transgressive attitude (more like the C.E. statement but Fuller also had transgressive tendencies). All three are not all that interested in profits.

I think they're all very much like the ethos here on EcoModder, where in pursuit of fuel economy, fun, and ecological benefits, we hack mechanically, aerodynamically, and electronically.

A quote from Fuller by a writer of a recent book about him:
"To make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone."
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