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Originally Posted by Daschicken View Post
$10,300 converted from NZ money, interesting. The ZX6R is $10K in the U.S.
The benefit I see to the 250 is that with only 50-55hp, you'll be able to actually use the 17000rpm on the street. For me at least, if it's say 8k for the ZX25R, that's only 3k for a massive engine upgrade from the 5k Ninja 400, and 3k is chump change in car land.

Same reason I would rather drive a Porsche Cayman than a Corvette (even ignoring the interior luxury factor). The Corvette is way faster for the same money, but that actually becomes a problem when you can't enjoy the power. I've driven Teslas before and I understand the fun of crazy acceleration, but only being able to keep your foot down for one second at a time kills most of the fun.

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