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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by SkauneJohan View Post
The thing with old NA diesels is simplicity, longevity, durability and sometimes pretty good fuel consumption
That's why some of them still held some popularity among customers with a more traditional profile until Euro-4 pulled the plug on the Peugeot DW8 and Euro-5 led to the demise of road-going versions of the Volkswagen 2.0 SDI.

only injection pump modification is known to yield up to Around 50hp/liter and this is on peugeot, citroen, VAG 1.6(75-80hp) and 1.9 (85-95hp) stock they had 1.6 (54hp) and 1.9 (75hp) but it is costly
While reaching some gasser-like specific power could appeal to a broader public as it did with the increased presence of turbochargers and common-rail injection, I wouldn't hold my breath for a high-cost tuning in a non-turbo Diesel to get so much attention from folks who would never even lurked about owning a Diesel-powered vehicle before.
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