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The cruiser - '93 Mercedes 200D
90 day: 38.11 mpg (US)

The rocket - '94 Mercedes E220
90 day: 32.29 mpg (US)
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Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
I admire these cars and their reputation for reliability. Wouldn't mind owning one someday.

The thread reminds me of pgfpro, who was running an Eagle Talon on paint thinner. Cool stuff.

I think my car is capable of burning ethanol but I guess there's really no cost/efficiency savings to that.
Have you tried blending? Most gas cars can handle 20-40% E85 and usually there is no ill effect in fuel consumption until about 35% E85 blend

Originally Posted by GreenTDI View Post
I Like these cars A LOT. The W123 and W124 in particular. I drove a manual 250D once, it gives a very robust feeling. And that sound, wow. The quality of those cars are from a very high level, so congratulations for owing a car like that. Hopefully I can say the same someday!

Like the Toyota Hilux that Top Gear couldn't wreck, these
Merc's are indestructible too. I remember Fifth Gear tried it with a 250D. Only downside is that they rust easily.
I like them too, that is why i have two perfect when driving long distances, quiet and comfortable, my former cars (volvo 240) are also legendary but a lot louder, a bit too loud for comfort when driving long distances like I do now

Like with all old cars rust is the biggest enemy

Thank you guys
1993 mercedes w124 200D automatic 75hp

1994 mercedes w124 E220 150hp

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