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I haven't had a motorcycle for about twenty years , but I'm getting the urge to ride again. The only thing stopping me , believe it or not , is this : I like riding my bicycles. The same weather that you like for motorcycles is what we also like for bicycles. Will I ride my bicycles less if I have a motorcycle ? Probably.

Anyway , this is what I did in the old days. On my 79 GS1000 , riding on country roads at 55-60 MPH , I got 56 MPG. On my 93 VFR750R , I got 51 MPG at around 65 MPH. I no longer have the desire to go anywhere near as fast these days. A 250-300 cc bike is perfect for me. I'm leaning towards a Honda CB300F or CB300R ABS now. I'd also like to find some roads where I can ride 45 MPH without getting rear-ended by a speeding texting giant SUV. But in the 21st Century , those roads are hard to find. I'm going to take the time to read every post in this thread. Edwin
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