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From their FAQ page:
What does it cost ?

Please note that these are projected approximate prices.

Poulsen Hybrid System $3,500

Which includes:

2 Poulsen Hybrid motors
Auxiliary Components and cables
2 brushless DC motor controllers
On-board charger, 72V, 10A.
Batteries (Additional):
72V 120Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid battery pack (6 batteries). $400 to $450
4.3 KWh Lithium Ion battery pack with battery management system and dedicated 25A charger: approximately $4,500

Installation performed by an authorized dealer $500 - 600

Total $4,550 with Lead Acid Batteries
$8,600 with Lithium Ion battery pack
How does it work ?

The effect felt by the driver when the system is turned on is equivalent to freewheeling down a 3% grade...
A 3% grade is not much. So $4550 for a reletively small gain. It would take a LONG time to make your money back on that one!
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