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Originally Posted by Andyinchville1 View Post
Interesting thread

I'm a delivery driver doing mostly Highway run and I was in the same basic predicament TDI Jetta 5-speed or Toyota Prius.

I ended up going TDI and having fun modifying it..

It's a daily driver often putting on 200 to 300 miles a day.

Finding a good Guru is not too terribly difficult they work on my car for me when needed but it's not very often typically only every hundred thousand miles or so

Gasoline is cheaper than diesel but if you run W 85 it's basically free .... w85 is waste motor oil cut with 15% regular unleaded gas centrifuge to Micron / submicron level .

One big thing I did like about the Prius was that it is somewhat quieter than the Jetta but I will be doing some sound insulating soon ... of course that may be partially neutralized by my soon-to-be free flowing down pipe and straight through exhaust! predicament is a bit different since I have the 01M but close enough in a way. Thanks for the data. I have no interest in modifying mine since I have much faster cars but the thought of modding sure is interesting.

I am running redline C+ in the trans. Some quasi anecdotal data shows that is bees knees for these transmissions even as opposed to redline D4. C+ kept the awful transmission in my Caravan alive forever.

I love the sarcastic sound of the Jetta especially at idle. On the highway I can hardly hear it. This is getting good. I need some popcorn.

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