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Originally Posted by Tahoe_Hybrid View Post
aha i wish
Do more than wish, GM uses common commands on all plug ins and hybrids. (That have been tested)

If you purchase an appropriate High end GM compatible WiFi/Bluetooth obdii to Android dongle you can then download a $0.99 cent obdii app called my Volt hold made by Brian Baptista.

Of interest The app has a “Engine Off” button, this functionality (thus far) seems to work on non-Volts as well as Volts of coarse.
This app allows the vehicle to use its built in abilities but under your control when you want keeping braking, steering, pumps and other goodies running normally

If you aren’t afraid of Potentially having to be clearing a cel give the app a test.

Brian Baptista has a volt repair Facebook page and may be able to provide you insight into GM canbus sniffing, but I bet a battery monitor and engine on/off button would make you happy enough by itself

Good Luck

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