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I am still working on other projects and taking care of things for my family. Thursday morning we were out of my brother's usual breakfast foods, so I asked if he wanted a croissant sandwich from Burger King. He said yes, so I ordered with the app. For some reason, they are normally $5 each, but I ordered two meals for $5 and another two extra-large sandwiches for another $5.

The problem is that I selected Sprite, but when I went to place the order it said "Coffee." I tried again, with the same result, so when I pulled up to the drive through I explained that I ordered Sprite, but the app changed my order.

"No, you ordered coffee."

The manager insisted that I ordered coffee and refused to change or cancel my order.

She said that she couldn't. The manager said that she couldn't change my beverage.

I apologized to my brother, decided that I would dispute the charge for the food that I never received, and took my brother to McDonald's, since they serve breakfast all day.

No they don't. I asked on Facebook when that stopped and a friend said "They never served breakfast all day, they just served part of their breakfast manu after breakfast ended."

She is usually that useless.

Sonic! Sonic serves breakfast all day! I couldn't get the app to work, so I pulled up to the drive through. "How many items are on your breakfast menu?"


"I would like all eight items on your breakfast menu."

It was over $30 and we ate all of it right then. Then he asked for lunch, which I picked up for him.

I wanted to run errands for other projects and stuff always came up. I kept making dinner and then not having time to run to Harbor Freight before it closed. I have done speech therapy twice with my brother in the last few days and feel frustrated that I cannot work with him almost every day.

Stuff just keeps coming up.

He had speech therapist with that other SLPA this morning and I always need to help with that, while I keep saying "You know, I can just work with him, safely and better."


So, I need to help another SLPA get paid.

I wanted to work with him afterwards, but he asked me to buy his bagels. He has one for breakfast every morning.

Every single morning.

I wanted to work with him afterwards, but he asked me to get him Subway, which was delayed because they advertise two footlongs for $10, but the three stores up here do not participate, so it was over $30.

Then I went to the wrong Subway.

I wanted to work with him afterwards, but he took a nap, so I ran my errands--after I drove to Home Depot and then drove home to get my credit card, which is wearing out. I could not get the chip to work for four different transactions today. It expires in a few months, but I do not think that I can wait.

Dollar Tree carried some 6oz aerosol cans a couple of months ago, but I only saw them once, and that is all that I have seen anywhere--until today. The cashier had a used can at his register and I asked how often they had them in stock. He responded that whatever they get they use, but they had these:

There was a customer in-line, so I grabbed the bottle and then fought with my card again.

I came home and this happened:

I made green bean casserole in Mom's Ninja Foodie and the screen that keeps the fan from blowing food into the heating element fell into the cheese.

I scraped off the cheese the best that I could and served the casserole. It needed hot sauce.

I wanted to work with him afterwards, but he dismantled the doorknob on the back door. I do not have any idea why, nor why it took him an hour to reassemble it, but then I was trying to get him to hurry up and get ready for our walk. He just keeps wasting time and Mom yells at me!

She also complains that I don't work with him enough.
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