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Originally Posted by TexasCotton View Post
California can not even manage their current perils like wild forest fires even with fire professionals from Texas and other states. California has had wild fires out of control for 30 years plus. You would have though back in 2018 2019 years state and federal authorties (worthless judges) would have realized the need to thin forests and have fire breaks. California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado all have pathetic forest management and therein create random tinder box which either a meth head (Oregon) or fireworks (California) citizens that start the tinder box.

California governor Newsom , Oregon governor Brown and state fire marshall are pathetic and worthless.
You guys keep repeating the same things about California's fires. Why are you not holding the federal government to the same standard. They own and manage nearly 60% of the forests in California through the Bureau of Land Management. See, it's right in their name. They have at least as much responsibility as does the state.

As for how long the wildfires have been happening it's much longer than 30 years. I remember reading about them back in the sixties in grade school. The middle of the country has major floods every couple years, the gulf coast has hurricanes every year, and the East coast has major snowstorms yearly. They are all forces of nature. Some can be mitigated more easily than others if you have enough money to throw at it. And as always, money is the bottom line.

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