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“Well sir, unfortunately unless your fuel injection system is 'returnless' a flow sensor will just return the entire volume of fuel the fuel pump flows through the fuel rail past the injectors and back to the tank.

First my I figured out how to add aftermarket fuel pressure regulator with a fuel return right next to my TBI system so from it to the injectors is a one way trip. Problem solved. Plus I can then manually change pressures as well.

My o2 Ford Explorer and my 03 Crown Vic are already “Returnless”

What features does your other system do that the MPGuino doesn't? I have the ability to add almost anything to the MPGuino Colour to do with fuel usage, milage or trip information.”

OK I do want a flow sensor so that I can do things to the injector’s pulses and not throw the MPGunio off.

And I want to be able to do things to the PCM and again not throw MPGunio an ScanguageII off, I learned early mess with the PCM and you can get false readings, like 45MPG..when it is only doing 27MPG.

As for other features:

Fuel in tank, by telling the computer the size of the tank and that you just filled up it can tell how many gallons are left at any point.

Told how far you going it can tell you how much fuel will be need to get there and farthere is to get there.
Even est time to get there.
Fuel left in tank and how many miles that will take you on your current MPG.

Granted not really needed, just I really want the real time fuel flow sensor.

One other good feature is you can really calibrate this, Miles Per Hour is done by starting as zero and driving 10 + miles and then correcting its read out, the longer reading will give a more accurate MILES driven and from that MPH.

The MPG is calibrated by the same kind of system for the first 5 to 10 tanks of gas you keep correcting its readings for MPG by calalating the MPG and then correcting the computer, it can be come very accurate with that system.
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