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Originally Posted by sgtlethargic View Post
My plan is to start with an old car and modify it to be shaped like the BOCruiser, choose an engine that produces the horsepower needed to move it at 60 mph near its maximum efficiency, and add a turbocharger for accelerating (if needed).
Do you have the bodywork experience required to modify such a car to become more aerodynamic while maintaining that vintage car look?

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Hey wasn't there a guy who put a 3cyl kubota diesel in a metro and was getting around 100mpg?
100 mpg would require serious ecomods in a Metro. A metro is basically a far less aerodynamic Insight with a less efficient engine. The Insight can get 100 mpg up to ~50-55 mph stock. There is a thread about a seriously modded metro that supposedly gets Insight-like numbers (probably could do better than the Insight if it had the Insight drivetrain) here. Funkhoss averaged over 90 mpg for 90 days in his Metro, but that's with mods and serious hypermiling, not 60 mph driving.
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