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Originally Posted by sgtlethargic View Post
Ah ****, I just lost my reply- I give up.

My plan is to start with an old car and modify it to be shaped like the BOCruiser, choose an engine that produces the horsepower needed to move it at 60 mph near its maximum efficiency, and add a turbocharger for accelerating (if needed).
And you've got the mechanical and electronics background to do that? Turbo selection; fabrication of the exhaust manifold, intake plumbing, intercooler plumbing; development of engine management, changing the fuel system and injectors - and so on?

Maybe I am pretty slow, but just turbocharging my Insight and fitting and mapping the engine management was, for me, a year-long project on its own.

And I have done turbo and electronics work on cars plenty of times before!
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