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Originally Posted by Keito View Post
OBD II is really easy if you simply buy a handheld programmer and hire a guy to tune your vehicle.

Like mentioned earlier I bought a BDX programmer from Unleashed Tuning, with the purchase of the programmer he included two tunes for free.
I told the guy what I wanted and he wrote me two tunes. Heck the programmer is even wifi capable, he uploads the tune to a cloud and I tell the programmer to download it and program the car.
Never even connect the programmer to a computer. I can use the programmer to datalog the vehicle, upload the datalog to the cloud and the tuner can look at it and make changes to the tune, I prefer to download it to my PC so I can look at it first to check spark knock.
He charges $100 for additional tunes and will make changes for free until we are both happy with the performance.

Currently I run a 93 octane performance tune, it was good for 12.94@106 in the 1/4 mile.
My second tune is an MPG tune for daily/winter driving .
I run 87 octane and like I mentioned earlier it' good for around 26 mpg's combined driving
Most Fusion Sport owners get around 20 mpg's

I think you can find a tuner that uses HPTuners that could help you with GM vehicles, just going to have to research.
One of the problems I run into is both the costs, $300/400 dollars and $50/100 more per tune, and then all tuners I have talked with will only give a light MPG tune...the costs are not worth the returns.

The Lean burn/highway mode which is mild as is all factory tuning, gave 5 to 10MPG and if a little more effort I believe one might get 15MPG...

But again it takes some effort to match the best tune to your car.

OBDI you could do it with a laptop and a program your self.

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