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Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
There are other options. You could possibly tap your relay coil power from the ignition module instead, which should have power in both RUN and START positions but be off when the key is off. Then the lights wouldnt go out when starting. Itd do exactly like you described without the flashing. However youd also be running your lights if you need to be parked with ignition on to run your storm spotting gizmos. A DRL switch could take care of that but could be easily forgotten. Or just run the gizmos off constant battery power if theyre not already.

Thats why I like going off the fuel pump. They cant be on unless the engine is running. And I dont EOC. You could run yours off the fuel pump, and put a delay in there and set it for awhile longer than the longest you plan to EOC, then your lights will stay on the whole time and if you care what others think of them, thered be nothing for them to notice.

About your battery, I guess it depends on what kind of cold you expect there and how readily you can get and replace one when it goes. Mine, even when in marginal condition, work great all summer but once it starts getting even mildly cold out, I might as well forget it. I can expect many -20F winter mornings. But Ive got 3 reliable rides plus chargers and jump starters and getting and changing the battery is a cinch. So I milk mine as long as I can.
The delay sounds like the best option.

Remember though, that extreme heat tends to kill batts too. This summer has been mild comparatively. I'm just worried that a failing batt will slowly kill the alternator.

I have AAA and an '06 Acura to jump from every other day (carpool free-up), so that's not the biggest concern. I just hear about batts destroying alts, which kill new batts, ad infinitum.

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