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Well as I am working on tight budget, I try to keep my cost as low as possible.

One good part of this old computer is its dead simple programing, drive a set amount of miles and correct the computers counting of its VSS and the miles traveled and thus all readings using miles traveled is set, speed, MPG etc.

Then with a few fill ups and correction of the systems counts of the flow sensor and your miles per gallon is set and all the fuel readings are also set.

For some of my testing where I am fooling the PCM, I found I get false readings from a Scan GaugeII, and if I do my planed messing with the injector cycles I fear that could mess up the MPHunios readings, as it is set to figure things from the injector duty cycles.

With this set up it is totally totally independent of any of the cars systems. I believe I am just about the only person that could need such a system, and even I may not really need it, but will not know until I test my ideas and see.

I am sure the MPGunio can also be programed about the same way.

The only things it needs is the magnets on the drive shaft and a flow sensor made compatible to its system.

And I think the cost will not be too bad.

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