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First thanks, found the threat:

BUT you missed my reason for wanting a fuel flow sensor.

Some of my ideas and plans are to interfere with the systems controlling the fuel injectors directly, lower supply voltages, signals changes etc.

Such acts could mess up the readings.

AS I was using a Scan Gauge II. I was tuning the MAF sensors and the scan gauge II showed I was getting 45 MPG and better.

It was false data, I learned it could not report accurate data when the cars PCM was fooled. A 200 mile test drive from fill up to fill up showed that.

This flaw lead me to this site and the MPGunio which as long as I do not mess with the injectors reads accurate MPG.

BUT it too is dependent of the signals from the injectors so I want to by pass that weakness with a system that reads the real fuel flow used to power the engine.

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