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Great 85PSI will cover my current cars, a 93 Chevy TBI at under 20PSI and a 03 Crown Vic with under 60PSi.

It is ideal:

2 Liters is .5283 Gallon per hour

30 Liters is 7.92 Gallon per hour

Ideal would be low reading of 1 Liter which would be around .26 Gallons. There is a good chance it will read lower, just they cannot be 100% sure of its accuracy at that rate.

Which is faintly possible if I can ever get a 100% vapor system up and running.

Per my Scan Gauge II and MPGunio I have seen gallons per hour at idle of around .5, and at cruse around 3 to 6 gallons per hour.

Realistic I can only hope for somewhere around 1 gallon per hour goal.

A good cruse of 35 MPG and 1700 RPMs can run around 2 gallons per.



Originally Posted by TheTestPilot View Post
Yes ,I now see your need ,although finding such a sensor with a reasonable price might be
a challenge ,I had been experimenting with various cheap sensors ,but their limitations pushed me in the direction of ultrasonic time of flight detection ,I gave up on this when my carbureted T100 engine broke & then went EFI for my subsequent vehicles since.
The paddle sensor that I had some useful results from was the flowfuel 30L02 from rated at 85 psi ,this sensor has a magnet in the paddle wheel and from memory a hall sensor ,very similar operation to the original zemco sensor.
The data sheet is not exactly correct , but at $10.00 !

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