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GGP 2020 is now in the books.

The GGP tradition of less than ideal conditions was continued this year. It rained the whole time. Foggy, too. The rules didn’t require headlights to be on, but I think every car used them. Mine are LED, so that investment paid off - again. I had to run the wipers on constant low speed; intermittent was not enough. I had to run the cabin fan and just a bit of heat, to keep the windshield from fogging. Well, the heat was for the driver and navigator.

Ryan (svt98t), we missed you! Did the car refuse to cooperate with the work you were doing on it in that photo?

Juha ('Fumes), we missed you! Even if Bob had found a way to get you in, you would have had to spend most of your time under some kind of roof. So you'd have had limited options for photo vantage points.

Steve scored 37.5 mpg in his gorgeous stock ‘11 ‘Vette. The EPA combined estimate is 19, so he basically doubled that number. Unmodified. He must know a thing or two about driving. Steve earned first in class.

I scored 78.0 mpg in my modified 2000 Insight with my brother Steve navigating - which in our case is basically coaching. The EPA estimate is 53, so I got a 47% increase over that. First in class.

One other car drove in the Modified Hybrid 3-cyl class, the red ‘03 Insight entered by Alfred State. They’ve won in some past years. One of the team members told me their hybrid battery was in very bad shape, which hurt their score. I should have suggested they disable it for the event, but I only thought of that after it was all over.
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