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Just curious, if nobody cares to keep a person alive, why should the government? The government represents the collective's will.

Regarding mental health issues; the state needs to do much better creating a space to care for crazies. Expecting people to live on the streets with mental issues is cruel to both the individual and to the public.

Regarding drugs; the state needs to do much better either rehabilitating people, or locking them away. I bet 90% of crime is addiction related. Allowing drug addicted people to stay on their drugs is more cruel than locking them up. I've known amazing people who were only amazing because they were in prison and not capable of feeding their addiction. Perhaps the confinement doesn't need to be prison, but it certainly has to remove access from drugs.

The Libertarian perspective would say people have the right to be addicted and suffer the consequences, which is likely death. I'm not prepared to to buy into this perspective yet.
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