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I've been poking around that website. Here's a better example of empowering the homeless: How Far Followers Have Gone
The Sleeping Bag Dress prototype, reminiscent of Suitaloon, involves a multipurpose kimono-dress that when inflated changes into a cylindrical container inhabitable by one or two people. The Sleeping Bag Dress prototypes operate on a small computer fan powered by a rechargeable lead battery (prototype 1) and NiMH batteries charged by a solar panel incorporated into the dress itself (prototype 2) and looks at the portability and self-sustainability of a wearable cell, comfortable as both, a dress and a temporary shelter. The SleepingBagDress prototype was used in walking performance in Mexico (2003), France (2004), Belgium (2004) and as part of the 2004 International Symposium of Electronic Art
If I was living outdoors, I'd want something like this:

What I have is one of these:

You can unzip the lower and fold it double for a seat cushion. If you roll it tight enough, it self-stores in the outer hood. The inner hood has earholes for headphones.

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