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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
By 1934-1/2, Carl Breer and his team had cut its drag from Cd 0.51, to Cd 0.244.
They didn't publish the results until a couple of weeks after Pearl Harbor. Folks had that to think about as we entered the Second Global Petroleum War, as we failed to learn from the first one.
WWII was a fight for POWER, which required the need for petroleum. Japan had none and Germany had very little. Petrol was a secondary fight that became necessary after both did not manage to get enough during their first fight to steal it. Had Germany been able to make enough man-made-fuel/synthetic fuel, they would have probably won a lot of land before stopping or being stopped.
The Japanese Bushido code, Germany being embarrassed by the loss of WWI, and Italy's Mussolini all wanted POWER, and they understood oil was necessary to win. I agree it became a war for oil, but the desire for POWER will still be with us after an alternative is found.
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