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Originally Posted by Staircase View Post
Hi Paul, Ben and ThingsToDo,

Is there any update on a wiki/website with the files?
If not, I'd love to grab the files and try find a good spot to host them somewhere that makes it easy for newcomers (like myself) to access and put together.
I can't guarantee I'll be speedy as I'm not entirely amazing at wiki creation but I have a lot of time!
My email is a.thomas[AT]

Kind regards,
No update on the wiki/website .. as far as I've heard.

I will pm .. emailing files is a bit of a pain, as you need to split them. Dropbox or onedrive would be easier but also more complex.

I have files for:
- original cougar, incomplete. No gerbers but I think there are photos of the board masks.
- 1000 amp mod (I think that was what it was called) (maybe a couple of files) ... likely complete
- AC Controller (IGBTs) .. maybe called 1000 amps? I think (hope) they are complete to what I have .. serial number 2 or 3
- DC Controller (IGBTs) .. I think it could have been called 1500A or something like that. Should be complete, but I think I misplaced the gerbers
- DC-DC converter (5V converter used on all of the boards) - complete
- notes on Pull-up resistors for DC-DC converter, so you need a smaller power supply. The DC converter was shorting out on power-up due to a floating input ... or something along those lines. I'm too lazy to look it up
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