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So, finally an update on the Peugeot 106.

We wanted to have all the mods complete before end of MOT, but the first Corona-wave made us miss that deadline. Therefor we had to MOT the car. Although we thought we didn't do anything illigal (besides the camera mirrors, but we can replace those in a few minutes), we were still a bit worried. In the end, we only had to put some rubber on the sharp edges of the aluminum aero tail. So now the car is road legal for another year.

But we weren't satisfied with the results we were getting. We could only achieve around 1 liter per 25 km (+/- 59 MPG), whatever we tried. But we've found the solution!

We originally chose for a late model 106 because of multipoint injection, so we could make our own cylinder shutdown. We never thought of it again because of the misconception that it would be to complex. For around 30 bucks, we bought some connectors, wires and a switch, so we can interrupt the positive wires going to the injectors of cylinders 1 and 4. At idle, we can also switch them back, but at speed they won't switch back on. Something with the ECU probably, because when we turn the key and switch it back on, they will work. So we're probably going to make a switch to cut off the power of the ecu while coasting as well.

More importantly, the car drives amazingly well on only two cilinders. It's not powerfull enough to have proper acceleration, but it's more then sufficient to retain a cruising speed of 45-50 mph. And fuel economy was improved massively, we're now getting 1 liter per 35 km (82 MPG) and we think we can do even better on a route with less height differences. We think we might be able to push it to 1 l/40km (94 MPG) with the camera's mirrors on, and a flat and boring route with a cruising speed of around 45 mph.

Also note the self fabricated windscreen wipers with aero blades that sit much lower the the original ones, barely obstructing the wind flow anymore. (we've ditched the spring, so you can only replace wipers by taking the entire wiper arm off).

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