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Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
Usually, Coroplast is curved, not faceted. It can be used as strips joined along the natural streamlines, giving an appearance like a fabric-covered glider fuselage. It is also available in a lighter gauge than the sign board stock, which is adequate for velomobiles. I could post a long article on advanced construction techniques. It can also be vacuum-formed like other sheet plastic, but it takes a lot of fussing to keep the cross section relatively undisturbed.

Adding streamlining to a bare trike is a bit like dropping a V-8 into a Fiat. It is heavier and faster, so it needs better brakes - far better for alpine service. It has worse vision, and less reaction time, so it needs suspension considerably more. That also allows faster tires to go with the streamlining. Acceleration and hill climbing are hurt, especially if there's overheating, while coasting is prolonged. This makes an electric booster/regenerative brake to even out the effort far more desirable. The steering ratio should also get a lot more car-like, as balancing is not required, but fine steering control, resistant to side bumps is, and crosswind corrections will be needed.
There is no excuse for a land vehicle to weigh more than its average payload.

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