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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
Thingstodo: Don't you have a Cougar already? Ever get the Netgain ones fixed or working?
I *HAD* a cougar. It ... did not survive ...

One of the MOSFETs had failed and taken out a couple of others. My troubleshooting caused the failure of the serial comms with the controller. So It might work ... but likely not. SIGH!

The Netgain Industrial controller that I *HAD* working I blew the IGBT. I have never gotten it replaced, but it is on my TODO list.

The second Netgain had a failed digital output. Since the output cannot turn on the secondary contactor, it fails the Power-up sequence, throws a code and stops. I may need to move that IGBT over to the first controller .. we'll see.

I have secured a 'few' (15 or so) IGBTs of various sizes and ages that may be large enough to use on a vehicle.

I am planning to retire in April of 2021 ... we'll see what projects I get to!
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