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Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post
I don’t like it when my ecomodder parents argue.
Unfortunately, a great deal of what Aerohead writes here is misleading or wrong.

Those of us here who have read any aero textbooks or SAE papers (especially ones from the last few decades), or carried out thorough on-road testing (eg of aerodynamic pressures), can see how much he leads people astray.

We are not talking about small errors but instead very major ones that go to the heart of how we can best aerodynamically modify our cars.

Everyone can make mistakes, but what really stands out with Aerohead is that he:

(1) refuses to change his views, no matter what evidence is cited

(2) refuses to read any current aero textbooks or papers

(3) has become increasingly erratic in the statements he makes in support of his odd theories

(4) now often personally abuses those who disagree with him.

That it has taken people here so long to see all this surprises me, but then again, Ecomodder has been described to me as 'being like a cult' - and there are certainly some similarities!

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