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Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post

Respectfully, while it's nice if people change their views to one's own, no one is required or should be expected to do so. Post your stuff and let the community decide. You can't police everything. Going onto lists of personal misbehaviour is not in the spirit of this kind of discussion. This goes for everybody.
Sorry, you'd rather that misinformation is disseminated? That's what we're talking about here - incorrect information. Factually wrong. Misleading of others.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Read some current aero textbooks. Read some current SAE papers. Do some on-road testing. Find out for yourself.

I didn't see anything abusive in this thread. There is a process for abusive behaviour. Accusing people of it in threads where there in no evidence of it is not terribly helpful.
Maybe read some of the other threads?

Here are some recent samples from Aerohead:

Your words/ behavior is so bizarre that, perhaps, only a visit to a psych ward would be a logical solution. They could help with the incivility, ungentlemanly conduct, chronic confabulation , visions of grandeur, and self-importance. Undeserved.


words of a seemingly complete coward. Terrified to reveal their manifest ignorance of aerodynamics. Forever hiding under the skirts of others, incapable of defending their thesis in their own tongue. Pitiful! Ignorant. Illogical. Irrational. Incoherent. Defies physical law. Disrespect of all, then feigns surprise when receives push-back, as if everyone else is presumed spineless, and as impotent. Hypocritical. Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.


There's the old perspicacity-deficit disorder as always. I don't know how you dress yourself. Foot into sleeve. Neck into fly.......................


Stated perfectly by one, completely devoid of critical thinking, and ability of reading between lines for context, after given all information necessary for the understanding and premise of the thread.
You frighten me

A vast generalization aimed at the entire community. Every community seems to have some icons and cultures that are not ideal. Getting into flame wars about those does not seem to solve anything. It often just makes you seem unnecessarily argumentative. You can always ignore content you don't like or point out things you disagree with but try to keep it about the facts. People will make up their minds regardless based on the quality and thoroughness of your posts and generally, yours are very through and of high quality.
That's exactly what I am doing.
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