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I did notice that most of the "abuse" you claim was all generated in a thread in which you misrepresent "The Template" and used divisive language. Not defending it, just an observation. If I were trying to get clicks by any means, that's what I would do.

Sorry, you'd rather that misinformation is disseminated? That's what we're talking about here - incorrect information. Factually wrong. Misleading of others.
No, but welcome to the internet. What are you proposing to do about it? Aggressively accuse and insult each other until the disinformation magically disappears? Censor posts? Who will police that? Who will scour this forum and remove content that is incorrect or non factual? Who will issue ecomodder licences on giving advice? Are you a trained aerodynamicist? Is Aerohead? All I know is you seem to be people and you are on the internet. As always, I will treat everything I read on here with skepticism including what you, aerohead and everyone else posts.

I'm not defending Aerohead, I think you both have gone over the line in your battle, but I'm appealing to both of you stop getting into pissing fights. I'm realizing that's pretty pointless on my part. You both seem to enjoy this greatly. If so, carry on but it makes picking out the important information difficult and annoying and the personal insults, general statements, (the cult) and petty bickering are very off-putting and more importantly, counter productive to changing minds.

The least probable way of changing people's minds is by insulting and berating them. Here's some "science" to back that up:

Most people on here are familiar with empiricism. Testing and empiricism have been encouraged in this community since the beginning.

Do you have convincing and reliable empirical evidence that ecomodder is a cult besides individual anecdotal examples? That would be excellent information to back up your claim!

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