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Originally Posted by racprops View Post
Interesting, is it a diesel or Gas engine?? And can you beat a kid on a bike, and can you keep up with other cars on the freeway??

Gasoline. 3 cylinder. 66hp isn't actually too bad for propelling a 1700lb car. It has Honda's VTEC and above ~2800rpm it switches to a very aggressive cam profile, opens a second intake valve, and actually makes some power - for a 1 liter 3 cylinder.

Originally Posted by racprops View Post
No it does not.

Not any more that dose a Carb, TBI, Port Injection, etc.

Try breathing the tail pip[e of one and see.

Even with the cats etc. it still stinks.

Honda's smaller engines (and I'm sure others as well) make pretty much zero noticeable fumes. My car came with a "Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV)" sticker.

In one of my Insights (I have two) I put a fire breathing 250hp 4 cylinder into it, and that one now has noticeably stinky exhaust. I'm still getting as high as 65mpg with it, however - around 40% less than with the 3 cylinder it came with, but still very respectable.

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