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Originally Posted by racprops View Post
In the weeds is where I live.

Sorry I have not seen any revised efficiency ratings, the running at 24 AFR will help a lot, as does be a toy car, BUT I bet all that went out the window at WOT as does all our cars, 10 to 12 AFR ratios is not uncommon for WOT.

And I bet that in 2006 they had not discovered what a problem NOX was to become.

I still believe vaporizing can still greatly improve an engines fuel mileage and lower pollution.

NOx actually drops above a certain AFR, because combustion starts to cool off again. Nonetheless, Honda added a second catalyst to the USDM Insights which was designed chemically to specifically break down NOx - a NOx trap, if you will.

And, it will hold a 24:1 AFR out to around 95% load. Above that it drops to stoich, though this is probably more because of power expectations with the pedal to the floor.
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