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Back in the'00s, people were running recycled waste oil and fry oil in their 7.3 sucessfully, some for many thousands of miles. HOWEVER It just wasn't get it, pour it into the tank, and don't forget to change the filters often. The processes were: settling for a couple of months in 55 gallon drums, filtering, and generally lowering the viscosity. Much like roasting your own coffee, making your own beer, there are people who favor the intense method of producing custom stuff over being able to go to market and buy the schlock they sell. Like homebrew anything else the movers and shakers kinda disappear back into the garage when there is a social upheaval.

Waste veggie oil can be converted to bio easily with lye and methanol, or at least I believe that's the process. There is about a 10% glycerine residue that has to be dealt with, but it is an organic compound. Waste veggie oil used to be free, but not anymore.
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