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I need access to some sort of CFD software that spits out some numbers before I devote the time investment into this. I'd like to get it right!
I've got the stimulus money sitting in my credit union account; if there're no unexpected expenses in the next week, I'll throw down for a new Mac Mini. First new computer since 2002. I hope the ML Compute Framework in Big Sur will enable CFD, down the road, but at least I can picked up Blender again. The illustration above was done in Wings 3D.

In either program you can pick off the dimensions to incredible accuracy. The prolated spheroid with a 40/60 bias on the max camber follows the [denigrated/deprecated]Template for 3/4 of it's length.

Consider a 2v birdcarge inside a 4v shell. Polymetal instead of Coroplast.
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