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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Reminds me an awful lot of the one I built. Mine wasn't as stable at high speeds or in a cross wind, and there aren't a ton of good places to ride it around here. I might have to build another someday.
If you do so, try to focus on aerodynamic efficiency. The vehicle will improve in nearly all measurements by doing so. You could always use parts from your previous build to keep costs down.

I designed mine not only to be efficient, but also usable over bad roads at speed. My front scrapes the ground maybe once every 2,000-3,000 miles, and only when riding unpaved surfaces or on gravel roads. I have 4.5" ground clearance. It also has front suspension. Riding over rough roads generally does not cause the body shell to ever make contact with the road.

Regarding efficiency, I still have a massive amount of room for improvement. Outboard wheels are terrible for drag.

Trying to recall what motor I used. Might have been a Leafbike? I have a thread on it somewhere. I want to say I was pushing in excess of 6000w through mine for short bursts.
You initially used a MAC geared hub motor and switched to a Leafbike direct drive.
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