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Originally Posted by hayden55 View Post
When the undercarriage is stuffed with snow, and the car can't get heat you stuff every open grill on the front of the car with snow to get those engine temps up!
+30F iats
20mi ending at 140F -> 6 blocks hitting 188F
MPG up along with my dethawed piggies on my feets

Not super comparable but yesterday it was -20 and today it was 10 so much better lolol
This whole dry snow thing is so strange to the southerner in me. This is actually the first time I've driven in actual snow not just ice lol
A friend of mine left a job early because of an approaching blizzard. The snow blocked his pickup grille so well that he barely made it home, overheating.
There is no excuse for a land vehicle to weigh more than its average payload.
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