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Originally Posted by The Toecutter View Post

I think the battery technology has been good enough for quite a while. The motor/controller technology took another major leap forward within the past 5 years as well. There is potential for the Centurion to consume < 150 Wh/mile as is if you keep the total weight under GVWR of the platform and use a modern synchronous reluctance AC drive system.

If you were to use a completely custom airfoil body designed to cut drag to the minimum instead of the Centurion body(Lets say, 0.15 Cd and 13 sq ft area), and the potential for only half that consumption(~70-80 wh/mi @ 70 mph) on a Spitfire or GT6 platform exists, an efficiency which the 3-wheeled Aptera is currently demonstrating while having a large-ish frontal area comparable to that of a modern small hatchback.

It would be interesting to get some roll down test data to determine the Crr and CdA figures for the Centurion though. I'd be surprised if it was an improvement over the Spitfire, which is already a fairly slippery car at a Cd of 0.39-0.42 with a tiny frontal area of 15.2 sq ft.

I saw your build years ago online. I was surprised when I saw all the lead in that GT6! I had similar in the electric Centurion that's here and promptly removed it so it wouldn't crush the suspension.
My view is battery technology has a ways to go. In the last 5 years it's better but not ready for prime-time (although for off-grid storage, phones, toys, etc, it's wonderful.) In my area, when I see a full size electric D.O.T. plowtruck, in the winter, doing the same tasks as the big diesels do, then batteries will be ready - but not before. Right now, no such examples here can be found.
I have an electric Centurion and all it's waiting for is better batteries. All three Centurions here would be dwarfed by a Spitfire (I have one of those too) as well as your GT6. A stock Spitfire or GT6 with a D850 Kubota would not be able to keep up with Centurion. If batteries come up to par, I will unleash the electric someday at the Green Grand Prix and it will be without all the air-foil body baloney because I'd like to compare it directly to the already proven original Centurion design. Centurion vs Centurion just to see would be a one-of-kind historical test.

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