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Weird ad for 2008 Prius with faulty instrument cluster.

"Averages 38MPG-45MPG!"
Again, how is an average a range? Does it average 40, but they will acknowledge going as low as 38, and they once got 45 downhill?

Also, how is that good for a Prius?!

It has several recent repairs, which doesn't suggest reliability.

"Combo/Instrument Data Cluster goes dark sometimes but periodically will come back on."


"We recorded the exact mileage a couple of days ago at 213,441 miles when the combo/instrument cluster came back on."

It sounds like it only works properly sometimes.

They mentioned a place that quoted $750+ to fix it, but you can replace 2 capacitors yourself.

Haven't we discussed this?

I cannot find anything.

"No accidents showing on CARFAX and no accidents since we've owned it. Check Engine Light comes on-and-off due to Catalytic Converter and most likely needs replacing."

I remember that one! Nope!

[At least it is still there]

Nonrunning red salvage autotragic 2005 Insight in Tucson "It runs need battery & charging unit."

2001 Honda savic lx - $1,200 "2001 Honda Civic LX 5 speed AC running in excellent condition new clutch new battery good tires 150 k miles."

That probably already sold.

By the way, my Accord hit 220,000 miles on Sunday. My Prelude barely had more than that when the transmission went out and I blew my Civic's head gasket at the same mileage.
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