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I received yet another stimulus check and I still do not know what to do with it, but after a year of teletherapy, Arizona finally decided to stop paying the full rate, while giving us a raise for in-person clients.

I have 3 teleclients in the Phoenix area, so I couldn't see them in-person if I wanted to. I have 3 teleclients that I have seen for a couple of years and 1 that I have seen for a year, but never met in-person. Then I have one client in a group home that barely cooperates in-person and wouldn't tolerate teletherapy.

If I saw my local clients in-person I would drive an extra 3 hours a week, but make the same as before. If the families do not want to meet in-person then I would lose 25% of my meager pay.

My families have done teletherapy from the park, a parking lot, and the side of the highway, so that flexibility is yet another reason they may want to continue on-line.
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