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Originally Posted by redpoint5
I'm not up to speed on Mark, but a process that makes hundreds of vehicles in a year doesn't sound like a good one.
Permalink #443 --harriska2 "It was great to meet Freebeard and Red."

Was it that long ago? Have you been replaced by an identical copy?

I provided link at #843 that provides some background, the family's background and such. People get extra points from me just for living in a three-colored Bungalow (pic in the article).

Maybe start with this interview: $FUV - Arcimoto's Newest Director: Galileo Russell | In Depth 38,115 views•Jan 22, 2021

Here he is giving a 13-year-old UK kid a half hour of his time.
0:20​ What is Arcimoto
1:45​ Development process
3:32​ Cost- magic number
6:25​ Sandy Munro partnership
10:55​ Marketing plan
13:30​ Market size
15:58​ DHL, Hyre Car partnership
21:52​ Delivery cost
23:04​ Deliverator
24:52​ Roadster
27:13​ 2021
28:32​ Founders stock
30:45​ Tesla battery technology
32:32​ Elon Musk- 3 wheels
34:30​ Summary
edit: 28:32 is pretty good, that's founder's stock. I want to know more about this Foundation.
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