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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Permalink #443 --harriska2 "It was great to meet Freebeard and Red."

Was it that long ago? Have you been replaced by an identical copy?

I provided link at #843 that provides some background, the family's background and such. People get extra points from me just for living in a three-colored Bungalow (pic in the article).

Maybe start with this interview: $FUV - Arcimoto's Newest Director: Galileo Russell | In Depth 38,115 views•Jan 22, 2021

Here he is giving a 13-year-old UK kid a half hour of his time.

edit: 28:32 is pretty good, that's founder's stock. I want to know more about this Foundation.
My interest was in meeting you, and seeing a cool car was a bonus. The car was fun and the factory tour interesting, but I'm not letting my feelings about that experience get in the way of the cold facts; that trikes don't sell well, production volume is miniscule, and launching a successful automotive manufacturing company is nearly impossible, especially in a world where bending metal into vehicles isn't as valuable as Big Data, AI, or proprietary technology.

If manufacturing EV trikes becomes profitable, all the other big players will quickly offer their own designs. I just can't see FUV being a wise long position.
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